4K TV vs Ultra Wide

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Re: 4K TV vs Ultra Wide

Post  Guest on Thu May 22, 2014 12:49 am

Agreed with the cons.

The bigger the screen the more bandwidth needed especially for streaming live over the net.
Gaming more processor power needed for more graphics resolution if you were to maintain 
super HD.

A better solution is OCULUS or micro laser right onto the retina of your eyeballs which they 
were looking at in the 80's.


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4K TV vs Ultra Wide

Post  Laser on Mon May 19, 2014 3:59 pm

The 4K resolution is really amazing but what's not getting hyped much is the cons. Here's a few:

1. At 8' viewing distance you would need a 110" TV to see the added detail. With 1080p HDTV at that distance, you would only need a 55" TV to see the same amount of detail. And that's PITA if you include wall mounts.

2. Low content. Video Limited 4K did put out about 100 titles last year that can be viewed using the Sony FMP-X1 media player but it only works with Sony TV's.

3. Limited bandwidth without serious hardware upgrades. HDMI 2.0 won't support a 120 Hz frame-rate option.

4. Fuzzy motion. 4K does have better still images but not better motion picture quality. The motion is less fuzzy for 1080p HDMI. Imo, a 65" plasma TV owns 4K at half the price.

Anyway, somebody found something better and I agrree. Ultra Widescreen 21:9 monitors:


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