Handy Kitchen Tips

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Re: Handy Kitchen Tips

Post  Guest on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:49 pm

Not sure who posted these but I saved them from somewhere sometime lol

for those greasy, dusty items...ie
ducted air con vents, filters on a split system, exhaust fans above
the stove...
dissolve washing soda crystals in hot water, and soak
items for a minute or so....no scrubbing needed, I promise...

for those of you that suffer from
heartburn....throw away the quick eze, and take a teaspoon full of
bi-carb soda in half a glass of water....tastes dreadful, but I
promise it will be an instant fix....


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Handy Kitchen Tips

Post  Yodas Missus on Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:00 pm

To get the smell of garlic and/or onions off your hands, simply wipe your hands around your stainless steel sink. The odour magically disappears!

Kess wrote:
if you drop an uncooked egg on the floor they can be messy to clean up

pour lots of salt over it and leave it for a minute, you can then slide a egg flipper under it and lift it off with ease

Boots wrote:
A bit of vanilla essence on a cotton ball keeps odours in the fridge at bay. Or an opened box of bi carb...

Kraz wrote:
When peeling and chopping onions, rinse hands regularly with water, it stops you crying.

Winklebarge wrote:
You can deep freeze Bananas,they go dark brown,BUT,after thawing are wonderful.

Rumi wrote:
If you roll your bananas in orange juice before freezing, they don't discolour. We used to make frozen bananas on a stick at the kids canteen as an alternative to ice creams.
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